Welcome to Bowtech Consulting

The purpose of this site is twofold.  One, if you wish to hire me, you can find my details on the get in touch page. Secondly, to tell you a bit about me.  If the latter, read on.

I have been around computers for almost 30 years, but nowadays my main focus is in Information Architecture and User Experience.

I have spend a number of years sitemapping, wireframing, prototyping, interviewing, card sorting, content analysing and all those other good things that an IA/UX is supposed to do. I am familiar with the the Adobe CS suite (6/10).  I can write HTML (8/10) I can hack around Javascript and php.

But my biggest asset in all these years has been in the role of punter.  I have an eye for what a first time visitor will see on a site - and often it is not pretty.

This is not to say that I know what works. I don't.  And neither do the people who build, own and operate a site know what works.  Only an individual visitor knows what works for them.  My role is to give every visitor a great user experience - one at a time at first - and then observing how they behave and modifying the results.  My friends, there is no other way.

Is that so hard?